Black Ruthenium Plated Ring with Black Tonal Swarovski Stones by Jewellery Designer Charlotte Valken...
€ 125.00
18ct Gold Open Heart Ring Hand Crafted By Independent Designer Chupi Sweetman-Pell
€ 79.00
Bronze 24 ct Gold Plated Pigeon Grasp Ring With Opal Stone by Independent Designer Tessa Metcalfe
€ 120.00
Gold-plated Cocktail Ring by Independent Designer Sonal Talgeri Bhaskaran
€ 210.00
Two Tone Circle Square Interlocked Necklace with Metallic Swarozski Stones by Jewellery Designer Cha...
€ 145.00
Solid Silver 24ct Gold Plated Detail with Colombian Emerald and Lemon Quartz Ring by Independent Des...
€ 265.00
Silver Plated Chain Necklace with Rows of Silver Swarovski Crystals by independent designer Christin...
€ 95.00
Rose Gold Plated Round Studs with large Swarovski Stones by Jewellery Designer Charlotte Valkeniers
€ 90.00