White Frosted Perspex Earrings with Midnight Blue and Opal Swarovski Crystals by Jewellery Designer ...
€ 65.00
Hand Sculptured Acrylglas Cuff by Independent Designer Lisa McCormack
€ 65.00
Two Tone Circle Square Interlocked Necklace with Metallic Swarozski Stones by Jewellery Designer Cha...
€ 145.00
Bronze 24ct Gold plate With Fresh Water Pearl Pigeon Grasp Ring by Independent Designer Tessa Metcal...
€ 115.00
Aluminum and Pink Suede Pendant by Independent Designer Muireann Walshe
€ 100.00
Sterling Silver Studded Bangle by Independent Designer Nina Lamb
€ 330.00
High Polished Gold Plated Claw Ring with Green Quartz Stone hand crafted by Independent Designer Tes...
€ 290.00
Pink Swarovski Spike Chandelier Earrings by independent designer Sonal Talgeri-Bhaskaran
€ 165.00