24ct Gold Statement Pigeon Claw Ring with Labradorite Stone hand crafted by Independent Designer Tes...
€ 240.00
White Frosted Perspex Earrings with Midnight Blue and Opal Swarovski Crystals by Jewellery Designer ...
€ 65.00
22ct Rose Gold Long Chain Twig Earrings by Independent Designer Chloe Townsend
€ 159.00
Opaque Acrylglas Cuff by Independent Designer Lisa McCormack
€ 65.00
Vegetable Tanned Leather Cuff from Jewellery Designer Una Burke
€ 205.00
Sterling Silver Owl Earrings with Gold Vermeil by Independent Designer Loulou Grenelle
€ 206.00
18ct Gold Vermeil Earrings By Independent Designer Kirsten Goss
€ 220.00
3D Printed Red Love Ring by Jewellery Designer Melissa Curry
€ 145.00